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Welcome to my Website !

It is mainly devoted to my hobby, Amateur Radio.

Amateur Radio is an fascinating hobby which allows to get in touch with other amateurs all over the world, by means of radio waves.
It covers both the communication & technical aspects, and many other related matters. Though being both radio hobbies, the main difference between CB (Citizen Band) and Amateur Radio is that this last one is more focusing on the technical facet.
To become a radioamateur, you have to succeed an examination about legislation & technics (morse code has been canceled since a few years). Once succeeded, you receive a license and an unique official call-sign (mine is ON4KHG, ON standing for Belgium).
My favorite links :

Belgian Amateur Radio Society (UBA)
ON4JX Radio Club of Ath
Make More Miles on VHF
William Hepburn Tropo Forecast
The ON4KST Chat
Linrad Google Group
OK2KKW Website
OZ2M DX-peditions
History of amateur radio in Belgium

Belgian Meteo Institute (IRM/KMI)
Météo Belgique

Iceland Review

Belfius Mons-Hainaut Basket-ball Club

JS Soignies Basket
ON4KHG Amateur Radio Station
Locator JO10XO - CQ Zone 14 - ITU Zone 27 - WABP HT
What is new on this website :
   31/01/2014 : update of the DX Standings page. Addition of
   on-line logs. EME logbook updated. Addition of a MAP65
   screenshot in the SDR page.

   29/05/2014 : major update (DX standings, logs, maps,...)

   20/08/2014 : meteo banner modified
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My last home-made device !

A 144MHz 600W SSPA

Mix of home development and W6PQL kits. Click on the pictures to enlarge.